We are impact investors

We invest in food processing companies in Africa and Asia

Incluvest. Investing with patient capital in the healthy development of food processing companies.

Patient capital

We invest in food processing companies in Africa and Asia led by strong entrepreneurs who want to make a difference for their country. We invest in share capital (minority stakes) and offer subordinated convertible debt.

Boost your company

As a business partner, rather than a typical investor, we will actively support your company in its growth and success. We offer support in strategy development, finance, governance, impact and management development.

Expertise and networks

We come with a long track record and extensive expertise in financing agri-food companies. In addition, we offer access to our vast network of (international) businesses, service providers and development organizations, Woord en Daad in particular.

Driven by stewardship

We are Incluvest: values-driven impact investors. We invest in agrifood processing companies in Africa and Asia.

Agricultural raw materials from Africa and Asia deserve the highest possible local value addition. This way they maximise their benefit to the people in the countries where they are grown. The only way to do this on a continuous basis is to stimulate regenerative agriculture.

We believe that we are all called to be stewards, that we are entrusted with the care of nature, people, funds, land, buildings, materials and more. And that we are called to leave our part of the world a better place than how we found it.

We invest in:

Socially committed professionals

As investment managers, we are entrusted with funds from people and organizations that put confidence in our professionalism and values. We consider that an honor and work hard every day to be the best stewards we can be.

We have a team of enthusiastic professionals, driven by a Christian vision of life and the belief that social commitment and business sense go hand in hand.

We value the fruitful relationship with our strategic partner Woord en Daad in many ways.

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