Incluvest founder sponsor of Open rural business accelerator program in Bangladesh

Twenty carefully selected rural entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in a 4 day intensive training camp. Thanks to the support of Incluvest, Tindercapital will further develop this innovative business accelerator in Bangladesh.

The entrepreneurs will be selected from an expected number of 150-250 applications referred to this unique opportunity by partnering scouting organizations with large networks in the rural areas of Bangladesh. The aim is that participating businesses grow and that this growth is inclusive. Participants are encouraged to operate ethically and collaboratively to enable them to access early stage impact investment.

During the sessions, guided by entrepreneurial coaches and a professional (Dutch) trainer, participating entrepreneurs will further build, deepen and substantiate their business plans. A clear strategy to achieve the business goals need to be delivered. Also identification of the need for non-financial support to strengthen the strategy.

“We hope 50 percent of our entrepreneurs will be able to raise finance within 12 months of pitching and to grow their sales by 50 percent within two years of completing the programme," said Jerry Nicholson, managing director of Tindercapital Bangladesh.[Daily Star, February 10, 2014]

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