New director Incluvest

New director Incluvest invests with and for entrepreneurs in developing countries

GORINCHEM – With effect from 1 February 2014, Koert Jansen has been appointed as the new director. The appointment of Koert Jansen is in line with the strategy of Incluvest BV to develop into a medium-sized impact investor.

For the past two years, Incluvest BV has been investing in high-potential agricultural businesses and service providers in developing countries. Through these investments poor people are given the opportunity to build up a better existence for themselves and to benefit from economic development. The ultimate goal is independence. To achieve this, Incluvest works closely with the development organisation Woord en Daad, as then investments can be combined with capacity building (for organisation strengthening, training courses, consultancy, etc.). Due to the growth of the organisation, Koert Jansen has been appointed to lead Incluvest BV. Koert Jansen was previously Fund Manager of Triodos Bank NV. He is an expert in the area of company development, sustainable trade and investing in developing countries. He succeeds the interim director Jan Lock.

Jan Lock: “We are pleased with the knowledge and expertise that Koert Jansen brings with respect to impact investment and we expect that with his appointment Incluvest BV will grow even more strongly still in the coming years."

Koert Jansen, who worked for Triodos Bank NV for 18 years, adds: “It is important to give entrepreneurs in developing countries the opportunity to realise their plans. They can then build up a better live for themselves, their families and their neighbourhoods while at the same time contributing to a sustainable economic development. This interest is most certainly recognised by the supporters of Incluvest BV and Woord en Daad, many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves. The considerable involvement of these people with poor people in developing countries is a major source of inspiration for me.”



Incluvest BV

Incluvest is an investment company that contributes to a sustainable improvement of the living conditions of poor people in developing countries. Incluvest does this by investing in high-potential businesses and service providers with a focus on agribusiness. Incluvest works closely with other parties like Woord en Daad to combine the financial services with capacity building.


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