Burkina Faso

Cashew Value Chain

Cashew nuts are produced in abundance in Burkina Faso. However, most of the raw cashew nuts on the tables of European or North American consumers are not imported from Africa. Cashew processing in the country of origin contributes greatly to economic development. Processing factories create many direct jobs, tax revenues for the government and opportunities for small farmers. Hence the added value activities in cashew processing can have a big and direct impact on poverty reduction.

Anatrans S.A.R.L. was established in 2008 and started processing the first batches of kernels at the end of 2010. The kernels are sold to international clients. Part of the kernel production is fair trade cashew, allowing farmers to get a premium price for their cashew nuts. Currently about 3.000 cashew-farmers supply their produce to Anatrans and benefit from the processing facilities.

$ 1.000.000 in a mix of debt and equity to finance expansion and refinance debt,
$ 350.000 ($ 50.000 per year) as a grant to support farmer training and extension programs

Expansion of farmer supplier network with 1000 farmers
In total 4000 farmers will be trained and linked to the value chain, 1500 jobs maintained and 200 created

Goal and objectives
The goal of this investment project is: establish a sustainable and profitable supply chain in which farmers and processing factories increase efficiency, revenues and income.