How to participate

How to participate

Our customized approach applies not only to the investees in the South, but also to the investors and co-investors in the North. Whether you are interested in inclusive private sector development by providing capital as a loan or by providing equity, Incluvest can offer an investment strategy tailored to your preferences.

Incluvest wants to be your preferred partner in inclusive private sector development based on a solid and sound business model. As we want you to have the right expectations then several criteria apply:

  • Minimum investment: € 100,000 (in line with the rule of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM))
  • Different types of investment are possible: 
          o Donation directly labeled via Incluvest towards a specific 
             investment opportunity
          o Co-investment with Incluvest
          o Providing a loan to Incluvest where the lender is taking the risk
  • Besides financial return for the investor, there is a focus on a high impact/social return

Creating social and financial returns
Although our primary focus is on a high impact/social return, Incluvest takes the financial return on investment seriously. Besides the financial sustainability of an enterprise, we always estimate and measure the increase in employment and income for the target group of poor farmers. Our business is only successful when we realize this type of impact as well as a reasonable return on investment. Ultimately, the best return on investment (R.O.I) is an ideal combination of financial and social returns. That combination is the decisive factor.

The financial return on investment can be either reinvested or returned to the investor. The impact is, of course, linked to the farmers and the enterprises in a sustainable manner.

An enterprise that flourishes has an enormous positive impact on the local community. It creates jobs and income at different levels. The increased income in turn provides more money for education and medical care. Your investment can help improve living conditions and the level of welfare. This is the best return that both you and we could wish for!

Shared ambition
Time and time again we find promising enterprises that can make a real difference. Through Incluvest, we can help such enterprises realize their potential. Yet we cannot do this alone. Do you share our ambition? Then we would like to discuss the possibilities of a strategic partnership with you!